Caribbean Goddess Jasmin is unique and exotic. She will dominate you with her shear presence. Her filigrane beauty lets you no choice then to bow and worship her. And when she decides you worthy to talk to you, her voice may entangle you forever in her web, so you want nothing more then to prove your dedication. And then, anything can happen to you.

Your pain is her pleasure

Her kinks include:

Are you ready to serve and to be abused?

1) Milking session
You will be hog-tied. Defenseless, your balls, cock and asshole are at the mercy of your Mistress. She will force you to come over and over again, while she tortures you and feeds you with her juices.
2) Worship session
You kneel before your Mistress. She will try your dedication to her. The better you obey, the closer she lets you come to her. Kiss her feet. To smell her, lick and taste her, you have to be worthy.
3) Toilet slave session
Stay put and wait. And every time she has to pee, you will serve her and drink her juice.
4) Asshole training session
Your asshole belongs to her. She will fuck it. She will stretch it until her whole hand gets inside of you.
Or write her about your kinks and she will create your individual treatment.

Goddess Jasmin may be available again in February 2022.

Incall at normal room
1 hour CHF 300
2 hours CHF 600
3 hours CHF 800
additional hours CHF 200

Incall at SM room*
1 hour CHF 450
2 hours CHF 800
3 hours CHF 1000
additional hours CHF 200

Outcall for region of Zürich*
2 hours CHF 900
3 hours CHF 1200
additional hours CHF 250

*CHF 50 prepay is required for SM room and outcall reservations.

The Goddess speaks English and Spanish

She only receives well behaved, respectful submissives.

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